Football Star Son Heung Min Is Filmed Blatantly Refusing A Fan’s Request For A Signature, But He’s Being Praised For It

His reason is valid.

Football player Son Heung Min was recently captured on video not giving out his autograph to someone requesting it. However, he had a valid reason why.

Son Heung Min | @hm_son7/Instagram

Son Heung Min, who is the captain of both the Tottenham Hotspurs and the South Korea national team, went to Newcastle, England, for his match against Saudia Arabia held on September 13.

On September 11, he arrived at the hotel, and a YouTuber named Footyhunter filmed his arrival. In front of the hotel, fans were gathered to catch a glimpse of Song Heung Min. Despite the rain, he showed affection for the fans by signing autographs one by one and taking pictures with them.


However, there was an unexpected moment in the video. When one fan requested an autograph, he smiled and refused. It turned out that the person requesting the autograph was not a fan but an autograph reseller.

Autograph resellers are known to obtain autographs from celebrities and resell them at high prices on second-hand trading sites. Recently, autographs of Tottenham players were traded for around ₩1.00 million KRW (about $747 USD).


In the video, Son Heung Min rejected the autograph reseller’s request and was heard saying, “No, because you guys are selling it, right?” He maintained eye contact with the autograph reseller as he said this with a slight smile on his face, then turned around and entered the hotel.


Later in the video, after the team had their dinner, the same YouTuber filmed Son Heung Min exiting a room. When he came out, he immediately greeted his fans but got concerned when he noticed a fan crying.


When he asked why the fan was crying, the others let him know that it was because autograph resellers kept pushing them while they tried to get an autograph. Son Heung Min said to the fan, “Those autograph sellers… Don’t cry.”


Netizens who saw the video reacted with comments praising the football star for his caring personality. Some mentioned how cool he was for being stern but in a kind manner.

| Footyhunter/YouTuber
  • “At around 4:08, I think he’s saying ‘you guys’re selling, it’s right?’ Even though he’s smiling, he’s somewhat scary,, his charisma is no joke! No matter how much of an angel Sonny is, he overpowers people like them! Thanks to Footyhunter, I found a new charm about Sonny😊 Great job! Thank you always!”
  • “Maybe it’s because Son Heung Min has all the love from the nation, but he for sure has a responsibility like no other. He greets his fans one by one.”
  • “Son Heung Min is so cool😭”
  • “It’s crazy how he’s sweet but stern;; he’s so freakin’ cool…”
  • “Son Heung Min is so nice~!!!”
  • “It’s so cute how everyone’s telling Son Heung Min what happened LOL”
  • “I really like Sonny… Please don’t get hurt!!!”
  • “Son Heung Min is an angel without wings! He has such a kind heart.”
  • “Son Heung Min is a pro out of pros. He doesn’t show it but smiles and does everything he needs to👍”
  • “Son Heung Min has the best skills and personality lol”
| @hm_son7/Instagram

The video has garnered over 167,000 views as of this article, drawing positive attention towards the football player.

Watch the full video here.

Source: Wikitree and Footyhunter/YouTube

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