Clazziquai’s Horan confirms news of divorce after three years of marriage

The Clazziquai vocalist has finally spoken up about the recent decision she and her ex-husband have come to agree upon after three years of marriage.

On August 30th, female artist Horan released a personal statement on her official Facebook page regarding some news that had been circling the media for the past few days about herself getting a divorce.

She wrote to fans and netizens, “I am sitting down in front the computer right now after finishing off all of my afternoon schedules and errands. I wanted to quickly give my whereabouts and updates to the many people who have been expressing their worries for me.

Horan began explaining in more depth, “Many of you have probably already been aware, but my former spouse and I have recently decided to end our marriage and go our separate ways after three years of being married. After long contemplations of what would make each of us happy in our own ways, the two of us came to this decision because we both agreed that it was for the best. However, a lot of people still think that I am upset about the divorce.

I am reading each and every one of all your responses and taking them to heart. I want to thank everyone for your kind words and warmth. Though a lot of people have also been expressing their disappointment in our divorce, I am carefully taking them to heart as well. Please forgive me for being unable to express each and every emotion I am feeling right now. If I ever responded back to all your comments and my words somehow hurt a person or they misconstrue it into something else, I don’t want others to misunderstand because of it,” the artist confessed.

Horan then stated, “I would like to promise everyone, though, that I will continue to love you all and will work hard to move forward in everything as singer Horan and not the personal and ordinary Choi Soo Jin (birth name).

At the very end of her statement, she also wrote “As a more humble Horan, I hope to be able to pay back those who have been disappointed in me (regarding the divorce) in the same amount that they have also shown me love in the past. I sincerely hope that everyone becomes happier and happier.

Many Clazziquai and Horan fans have responded in huge amounts of shock, claiming that it is surprising that a couple who dated for 10 years and was married for three would end up splitting so easily, yet on good terms. Many fans realized that many couples must be drastically different when dating versus getting married.

Fluxus Entertainment, which is Horan’s head agency, revealed that the vocalist and her former spouse have finished filing for all the settlements and have been divorced officially for the past one month.

Source: Xports News