Forbes States BTS’s No.1 On The Billboard Chart With “Dynamite” Has Become The New Normal

Congrats to BTS!

With BTS extending their Billboard No.1 for a second week, both BTS and ARMYs are busy celebrating this accomplishment. This second week win makes them the first and only group in the 21st century to make this happen! This is most certainly something worth celebrating!

For most No.1 singles that tend to drop down on the charts, BTS has absolutely crossed the final line of global stardom with this second-week win. Billboard reported that “Dynamite” received “16 million radio airplay audience impressions, a 38% boost over the previous week.”

Forbes also revealed that “Of the 43 songs that have debuted at No.1 in the history of the Hot 100 (eight in 2020 alone), “Dynamite” is the only the 20th to hold the top spot in successive weeks.”

As with all historic achievements, there will always be those that try to start something negative. While haters believe that BTS’s success comes from a lot of die-hard fans, it’s actually the very thing that defines it.

Haters will say that because BTS has a lot of passionate fans, their success is somehow less valid than their Western pop star peers—even though having a lot of passionate fans is the very definition of success. Every major pop artist cultivates a dedicated fandom that helps them achieve varying degrees of success.

⁠— Forbes

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Remember that this success has happened without the help of bundles!

BTS’s two-week hold atop the Billboard Hot 100 is a testament to their ever-growing fanbase and sustained longevity—and next time they release music, it might just prove to be their new normal.

⁠— Forbes

It’s important to remember that BTS has to work twice as hard, if not more, than Western artists to gain the recognition and respect. This two-week win on the Billboard chart proves that hard work truly pays off!