Foreign English teacher in Korea feeds detergent to children as punishment

South Korea experiences its worse school incident yet as it was revealed that a western English teacher fed their elementary students kitchen detergent as punishment.

According to news reports, an English teacher teaching at a private school and originating from South Africa had punishment their students for speaking Korean instead of English while they were being taught. The students were given two options for their punishment, either taste the detergent or a chemical medicine that prevents toddlers from biting their nails. Unfortunately, not knowing any better, three students chose the detergent while another two chose the chemical medicine.

After the parents found out about the horrific incident, endless complaints and questions were brought up. In response, the teacher simply wrote an apology letter stating that she had “not told the students to eat them but just to taste them and nothing was forced.

Not satisfied with her “apology” letter, parents continued their uproar in anger leading to the teacher getting fired on March 16th. But what is most disturbing is that the school had not even reported the incident to the school board as it believed the incident was not severe. Unlike public schools that are monitored by the school board, private schools manage their own system.

This appalling incident has definitely brought to attention the mistreatment of students in both public and private schools in Korea as well as their respective administration. The case should not end with just the teacher being fired, but should extend to the faulty system of management as well.

Source: Huffington Post Korea