Foreign Media Outlets Praise BTS’s Comeback Album

They’re recognized internationally!

BTS‘s newest album, Map of the Soul: 7, is being praised by leading media outlets worldwide.

On February 21, The Los Angeles Times released a review of the album, calling it “a path forward for K-Pop” and recognizing it as a global event like no other.

Billboard released their own review on the same day. They were impressed by BTS’s ability to deliver impactful lyrics amidst an intense performance. They ended by acknowledging its great potential.

Lastly, it is rife with potential regarding whatever comes their way in the future.

– Billboard

On February 22, NME, a British music journalism website, shared their own thoughts on the album. They lauded it for the ideas behind the songs and the emotions the boys poured into it.

This is an album full of big ideas, strong conviction and unguarded emotion, produced by a band who have every right to be proud of their journey.


The Independent shared the same sentiments regarding the album, remarking how BTS was able to put together countless emotions in one wonderful piece.

BTS released their 4th album, Map of the Soul: 7, on the 21st and set new records including the selling of over 2.65 million copies on its first day.

Source: Naver