Former 2NE1 member Minzy speculated to be recording first solo track

Minzy‘s latest Instagram update has left her followers curious about whether she is hinting about her solo debut.

The short 8-second clip unfortunately does not include any sound, but Minzy has her headphones on and was seen bobbing her head to some music, so many are guessing if she was recording a new song in the studio.

After leaving 2NE1 and YG Entertainment when her contract ended in May, Minzy found her new house, signing with Music Works, a subsidiary label of CJ E&M. The entertainment company currently mainly specializes in promoting solo artists, including Baek Ji Young.

Captioned with “DooDoomChit~ The makeup on my face is melting~ my shabby face Lol ????, the Instagram post has invited hundreds of comments agreeing that the four months Minzy has spent with the new label is long enough for her solo singing activities to start soon.

두둠칫~ 화장한 얼굴이 녹고이따~ my shabby face Lol ????

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