Former 2NE1 Member Sandara Park Explains What Her Nickname “Sanda-Rain” Is All About

She revealed the hilarious reason as to why she’s referred to as “Sanda-rain”!

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park revealed what her nickname “Sanda-rain” is all about!

On the latest episode of Yeri’s Room, Red Velvet‘s Yeri took Dara on a shopping tour of SM Entertainment‘s store, where she bought tons of Super Junior and EXO merch!

After their shopping spree, Yeri led Dara to the “Pink Room” of the restaurant inside the SM Entertainment building and cutely revealed that she reserved the pretty room for Dara only!

I reserved this place since Sandara is coming~


Yeri then hilariously revealed that even though it’s their first time meeting, the two didn’t even stop for greetings, and immediately started shopping!

It’s our first encounter, and we went merch shopping. We didn’t even properly say hello!


Sandara Park then revealed how this shopping trip would’ve ended this way anyway!

You can’t show me things to buy, because I’d go on a shopping craze…

—Sandara Park

This when a staff chimed in with Sandara’s nickname, “Sanda-rain”.

She’s actually called “Sanda-rain”, Yeri

—Staff member

And Sandara Park completely owned up to the name, explaining that “rain” is incorporated into her nickname cause she “makes it rain” when she’s on a shopping-spree!

I am. See, I’d make it rain with all my purchases… But we didn’t have enough time!

—Sandara Park

Watch the hilarious moment here from the 6:38 mark onwards!