Former 4Minute member Jiyoon to make self-produced comeback in October?

Following the disbandment of Cube Entertainment‘s first girl group, 4Minute, former member Jun Jiyoon has been revealed to begin solo promotions this coming October.

On August 17th, a third-party representative of the media stated that Jiyoon had recently begun the production and recording of her upcoming solo track which is said to be released sometime in October of this year.

JS E&M, her new agency since the disbandment of her former group, 4Minute, also revealed that Jiyoon has been practicing and working hard to prepare for her solo career for the past two and a half months. Due to her efforts, the agency created an exclusive team just for Jiyoon where they have been brainstorming new strategies, concepts, and ideas on how to kickstart her promotions as a solo artist.

Not only will this comeback be released in a digital single format, but the song itself will be self-produced and self-composed by Jiyoon herself.

The media has told Star News that the idol’s agency is aiming for an October comeback, as well as other side promotions.

Source: Star News