Former 4minute Member Shares How It Feels When K-Pop Groups Disband

Son Ji Hyun now hopes to focus on pursuing her acting career!

Idol-turned-actress Son Ji Hyun, formerly known as Nam Ji Hyun of 4minute, looked back to her K-Pop girl group days and shared her thoughts on how it felt after the group disbanded.


Son Ji Hyun revealed that it’s inevitable for K-Pop groups to disband one day, so it’s easier for some to accept it as a natural progression. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t sad about it, though!

“I knew disbanding had to happen someday. So I wasn’t too hung up on it.” — Son Ji Hyun

“I was sad, but I got over it quickly.” — Son Ji Hyun


She revealed that the moment right after disbanding can be difficult. For her, she missed standing on stage but decided to think of it as a fond memory.

“Right after the disbandment, I missed the stage a lot. Now the idol days remain good memories.” — Son Ji Hyun


When asked if she would possibly return to singing one day, she responded that she’s currently focusing on her acting career.

“I don’t plan on making music for a while. I want to focus on acting.” — Son Ji Hyun


She also touched upon why idols tend to turn their career around into acting, a popular move among veteran idols. She revealed that although she began her celebrity life thanks to her love for dancing, she understood that she couldn’t be an idol forever.

“I’ve always wanted to dance, so I convinced my father for months when I was in high school. My senior year, I started learning to dance. Once I got into college like my father wanted, I auditioned for JYP Entertainment and passed. I debuted with 4minute because I loved the stage. It wasn’t about the fame or the money. I understood that I can’t be a ‘girl group’ forever though. So I wanted to try acting as I got older.” — Son Ji Hyun


While she considers her idol days as some of her best memories, Son Ji Hyun now looks forward to building up her acting career. She’s recently starred in the drama Grand Prince next to Yoon Shi Yoon.


As for her next acting challenge, she wants to try the role of a bad person – a personality she claims will be a challenge as it’s the complete opposite of she who she is.


Although she’s now moved on to focus on acting, she revealed that the part she misses the most about her idol life is having her group members next to her at all times!

“It is kind of embarrassing when I interview alone and get all the attention, because I’m so used to being interviewed as a part of a group. When I was a part of 4minute, I had protection. As a teammate, I had people and things to protect me when I went on stage. Now, when I go on set to shoot, there is no one else but myself. I have to overcome by myself.” — Son Ji Hyun

Source: Dispatch