Former After School Member Jungah Announces The Birth Of Her First Child With Adorable Photos

He’s super adorable!

Former After School member Jungah has safely given birth to her first child!

On October 24, the idol-turned-actress shared the birth of her son to the press first, and later that same morning, uploaded a post via her Instagram:


She shared adorable pictures of her son and husband, with the caption:


After giving birth to my child, I spent some time reflecting on my past self. In the future, I promise to live life with even more gratitude. Kkulbok [her son’s prenatal nickname], I’m sorry, I’m thankful, and I love you. Jjung Chang, you must be so tired because right now, its the middle of the [basketball] season, thank you for staying by my side without showing any tiredness.

Aunts and uncles, our Kkulbok‘s name is Jung Joo Hoon. Please give our Joo Hoonie lots of love and blessings.


Jungah first revealed her marriage to basketball player Jung Chang Young in 2017, and then announced her pregnancy with her first child in April 2019.

Congratulations to the happy couple!