Former After School Member Nana Stuns The Internet With New Tattoos Across Her Body

She was tattooed from her shoulders to her ankles.

Former Afterschool member Nana (also known as Im Jin Ah) shocked netizens when she revealed her tattoos at a recent press conference.

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On September 20, the actress attended a press conference for her upcoming movie, Confession, held at the Lotte Cinema in Gwanjin-gu, Seoul. Fellow actors in the movie, So Ji Sub and Kim Yun Jin, were also in attendance, as well as the movie’s director Yoon Jong Suk.

Kim Yun Jin (left),  So Ji Sub (middle), and Nana (right) | News1
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The former idol turned actress stole the show, appearing in a mini black one-piece dress, revealing tattoos that adorned the actress from her shoulders to her ankles.

Nana | News1

Netizens were rightfully surprised as per the actress’s most recent Burberry photo shoot with Cosmopolitan, the actress didn’t appear to have any tattoos.

There have been no official words on whether the tattoos are real or if it is a costume done for the film. Some netizens, however, remembered that the actress had previously made news for tattoos that turned out to be henna tattoos.

Real or not, Nana didn’t forget to post pictures for her fans, who, safe to say, love the look.

The movie, Confession, is a movie about an innocent businessman (So Ji Sub) who is wanted for murder and a lawyer (Kim Yun Jin) who works to prove her client’s innocence. The movie will be released next month on October 26.

Source: Wikitree and Insight