Former AKB48 Member Miyu Takeuchi To Feature In October’s “Monthly Yoon Jong-Shin”

Are you excited for her Korean debut?

Former AKB48 member Miyu Takeuchi is the feature for October’s Monthly Yoon Jong-shin, a music project by singer Yoon Jong-shin.

Last year, Miyu appeared on the Mnet production PRODUCE48 and advanced to the final. Miyu was loved by many fans.

Yoon Jong-shin said, “This song was made two years ago when I wrote a lot of city pop. At that time, there was no one who could sing it right away, but I started searching for a singer again at the beginning of this year. I was encouraged by Miyu, a Mystic Story trainee. When we actually recorded it, she was really keen to practice Korean and the song was better than anything else.”

The October issue “My Type” is a confession song from a female perspective and features the sensitivity of songs like Kang Suji‘s “Violet Fragrance”. The music video was also made with the retro sensibilities of the 1980s in mind.

“My Type” was originally scheduled to be released in July but was postponed temporarily due to concerns over the deterioration of Japan-Korea relations that was going on at the time.

Yoon Jong-shin added, “Looking back now, I feel like I was too cautious, but at that point in time, the atmosphere was not right. Miyu, who had the dream of becoming a singer in Korea, is a person who works harder than anyone, so I want to support that dream.”

“My Type” sung my Miyu Takeuchi will be released on October 16 at 6:00 pm.

Source: kstyle