Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Files Lawsuit Against Malicious Commenters

They will take all necessary actions.

Former AOA member Kwon Mina’s agency Woori Actors announced that they have filed a civil lawsuit against malicious commenters.

We have filed a civil lawsuit against DC Inside user A and request compensation for damages.

-Woori Actors

Kwon Mina’s deteriorating health was the reason Woori Actors decided to go through with the lawsuit. “Kwon Mina’s health is rapidly deteriorating and we felt that this could not be overlooked anymore.”

They expressed their concern after seeing a user of DC Inside and Nate Pann infringing on the human rights of Mina as they continued to make malicious comments that are difficult to mention.

With Mina’s health worsening with the malicious comments, they felt that they could not let this situation go on any longer.

Her agency also plans to take legal action against other malicious commenters.

Woori Actors warned malicious commenters to stop their actions. “Please stop the harassment of Kwon Mina. If this inappropriate conduct continues we will take all possible civil and criminal legal action.”

Lastly, the stated, “This situation was unrelated to Kwon Mina’s former agency FNC Entertainment. This is a legal action that will be used against those who left malicious comments through DC Inside.”

Recently, Kwon Mina was featured in Woman Sense magazine and revealed that she was receiving therapy and working on her mental health.

Source: dispatch