Former AOA Member Mina Concerns Fans With Her Latest Post

Her post worried fans.

Former AOA member Mina has caused some concern to fans following her latest post on Instagram.

Early in the morning of October 26, Mina posted a photo of herself along with a caption, hinting at losing faith in people and her inability to sleep at night, even after taking sleeping pills.


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아 수면제를 먹어도 먹어도 잠이 안오네 언제 아무생각없이 두발 뻗고 편하게 잘수있을까 그랬던 적은 있나 아무것도 안하자니 뭔가를 하고싶고, 해야만 할 것 같고.. 뭔가를 하자니 난 지금 뭘 할 수 있지? 싶고 믿었던 사람한데마저 신뢰가 깨지고나니 인간은 정말 뭘까 싶다 다가가고 싶어도 만남뒤에 오는 불안감들이 나를 너무 힘들게한다 다 싫고 힘들구나 아직은 그냥 좀 자고싶다 동탄이나 일산에 상담잘해주시는 약도 잘 지어주시는 정말 좋은 정신과 선생님 혹시 없나요? 근처에 정신과 다니시는 분들 추천 좀 해주세요..

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No matter how many sleeping pills I take, I can’t sleep. When will I be able to sleep well without thinking about anything at all? Have I ever even been able to sleep like that?

I feel like I should be doing something… I want to do something… but when I try to, I think about what I can even do right now.

I’ve lost trust in people I trusted, and now I feel like I don’t even know what a human being is. I can’t meet up with people because of my anxiety, which makes it difficult.

I hate it all, it’s so hard. I just want to get some sleep.

Is there a psychiatrist who gives good advice and good prescriptions in the Dongtan or Ilsan area? Could someone recommend one?

— Mina

Mina’s post comes after she had to call out a hater for accusing her of faking her problems and even telling her she should die. Fans are continuing to send her supportive messages following her recent struggles.

  • “Please stay well. If you want to talk, I’m not a psychiatrist, but I’m here for you”
  • “Please feel like seeing a doctor. Sending Instagram can’t cure your depression”
  • “Mina noona, stay strong and I wish for a good recovery”