Former APRIL’s Lee Hyunjoo Files Lawsuit Against Alleged Former DSP Employee Who Called Her Out

She has filed a complaint.

Former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo has taken legal action against the alleged former DSP employee who took to social media to call her out.

On April 26, law firm Yeo Baek (attorney Lee Sun Ho) told Star Today, “The complaint was filed on the same day on charges of violating the Information and Communication Network Act and threatening”.

The law firm revealed that the netizen temporarily opened an Instagram account three times to post false facts and slander Lee Hyunjoo, damaging her reputation. They decided that the matter was serious and took legal action.

They also emphasized, “Going forward, we will take strong legal action for any criminal activities through social media without any leniency or agreement”.

Previously, an alleged former employee accused of Lee Hyunjoo of going through plastic surgery, trying to commit suicide, and hanging out with her boyfriend instead of being with the group

Source: star today