ARGON’s Kain Reveals He Dreamt Of Becoming A Singer After Touring With BTS

Kain looks up to BTS and hopes to be like them.

ARGON appeared on MBC FM’s Idol Radio for the first time since their debut. A-pink’s Chorong and Hayoung were the special DJ’s for the day.

During the group’s introduction, they revealed the meaning behind their group name. ARGON was short for ‘Art Go On’, meaning that they’re art will continue.

Kain, who was a former back dancer for BTS, expressed his respect for the group.


I started my dream to become a singer after working with BTS for their world tour. I respected their hard work and effort they put in for their performances. I hoped to also work hard like them if I ever became an idol. There were many times I would see them collapsing back stage. But they would always get right back up and put on another stellar performance.

ARGON is a 6 member group that debuted on March 11, 2019 with their single, Master Key. They are under MSH Entertainment.

They have released their second mini album, GO FORWARD: Wide Dream, on October 2.

Idol Radio broadcasts from 1-2AM daily through MBC FM (Seoul-Gyeonggi 95.9MHz).

Source: heraldcorp