Former BigHit Trainee’s Memories With BTS Prove They Are Truly Fulfilling Their Trainee Dreams

There’s one moment that truly cements their success!

After so much success in recent years, it almost seems impossible to think of a time when BTS wasn’t one of the biggest groups in the world. Since debuting in 2013, the group has gained popularity as their music has spread to a global audience, and their personalities have made fans worldwide fall in love.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Like all K-Pop idols, all the members went through vigorous training and spent years practicing and dreaming before they even got close to debuting, never mind becoming global superstars.

One person who was with the members throughout their training was former BigHit trainee Kim Jihoon. Despite being released before the group could debut, Kim Jihoon has shared anecdotes, pictures, and experiences with the members that have only made ARMYs love BTS more.

Kim Jihoon (left) and BTS’s J-Hope (right)

Park Jihoon (left) and BTS’s V (right)

Recently, Kim Jihoon appeared in a video with The Korea Herald, where he discussed everything from his trainee experiences, his emotions when he left BigHit, and the members’ personalities.

In particular, Kim Jihoon discussed how it felt seeing the members on the screen and how it compared to their dreams as trainees. As expected, Jihoon revealed that it sometimes felt strange seeing your friends on the screen but added, “They’ve become more handsome and cool.

It seems impossible to pick one moment that is counted as one of their biggest achievements with all their success. For Kim Jihoon, one moment shocked him, and it was when BTS was on the Billboard chart before becoming the first K-Pop act to get to number one.

This was because of Kim Jihoon’s time with the members as trainees. He recalled that when they were training, seeing PSY make it big in America was huge at the time.

When we were trainees, we were so surprised at how “Gangnam Style” was second on the Billboard chart.

— Kim Jihoon

At the time, they were so surprised, but it didn’t stop them from dreaming. Yet, like most trainees, they tried to be realistic, but Kim Jihoon revealed that their dreams had come true.
that their dreams came true.

We talked about whether we could ever do the same and how we should focus on becoming the best in Korea. But now they’ve made it come true. It’s really amazing.

— Kim Jihoon

Yet, for Jihoon, it wasn’t down to luck or good timing, it was the talent and dedication of the members. He also got honest and said that the decision for him not to continue with the group and the agency’s willingness to make the right decisions, even if they weren’t always kind, helped.

First of all, it was their astounding effort and talent. But I also think Big Hit did well by making a great decision [of releasing him from the group].

—Kim Jihoon

Throughout the video, Kim Jihoon not only showcased his personality by remaining positive about the group, but he showcased the best parts of BTS. As trainees, sometimes idols can be greedy, but his stories about BTS show their humbleness, and it was their work that rocketed them to fame they wouldn’t have even imagined before they debuted.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: KONNECT By The Korea Herald