Former BigHit Trainee And BTS’s Producer Comments On His Music Being Compared To BTS

He could have debuted with TXT.

June was a former trainee under BigHit Entertainment but best known as a producer for many of BTS‘s hits like “Lost”, “Awake”, “Not Today”, as well as Suran‘s “WINE” and “Love Story”. He held a showcase for his first full album, “Today’s”, where he commented about his music being compared to his work with BTS.


Although he’s very thankful that his past works have done so well, he doesn’t feel pressured for his songs to do well or not. He simply wants to focus on doing what he loves and believes that itself will be rewarding.

I didn’t work on those songs thinking, ‘This is going to be a hit.’ I worked as I’ve always done and they happened to do well. That’s why I don’t feel pressured this time either. I believe that I just need to keep working on my own music.

I don’t feel pressured or depressed if my songs don’t do well.

— June


He doesn’t ask for fans to try and get him the winning statistics, but he hopes that everyone will give his full album a listen. He simply wants to share his love for the new genre “newtro” through his first full album.

I don’t really care about the statistics. Of course, I would like my album to do well but that’s not my main focus. I wish a lot of people listen to it. It’s because I included songs from a genre that I really wanted to try.

I know that many people only listen to the title track unless you’re a dedicated fan, but I hope everyone tried listening to all of the songs on my album.

— June


June also revealed that he used to train with TXT. He’s closer to them more so than his BTS brothers. He’s still close with Suga and hopes to catch up with him after their tour.

When I was in BigHit, I didn’t train with BTS. I trained with the members of TXT. I keep in touch with them often even now. I only message the BTS members from time to time.

I heard that BTS performed at the Wembley Stadium yesterday. Perhaps it was because I worked with them before but I felt emotional and felt respect for them. Out of all the artists in the world, the artists that performed at Wembley were Korean.

I personally discuss music with Suga even now. I hope I can get the chance to catch up with him when he comes back to Korea after the tour.

— June


He also revealed that Bang PD didn’t have plans for him to debut as an idol. He simply admired June’s passion for his own style of music and wanted to help him grow in his own way.

When I was in BigHit, I wasn’t preparing to debut as an idol. I liked making music ever since I was young, so I have my own individual preference. I think that aspect caught Bang Si Hyuk PD’s eyes and I became a trainee.

I still try to work on music that I want to create.

— June


Check out June’s new album and his title track MV “Tonight,” below!

Source: Star News, No Cut News and Herald Pop