Former Boy Group Boyfriend Reunited For Jeongmin’s Album Event

And, they weren’t the only idols there.

It was only last month that BOYFRIEND disbanded after 8 long years, but they were able to reunite for a positive reason: Jeongmin made his solo debut.

He held a concert to celebrate the release of his single album Small But Certain Happiness (Nearby). And, Hyunseong appeared on stage to sing with Jeongmin and they even shared a hug.

Donghyun, Minwoo, Kwangmin, and Youngmin were also spotted on stage as well to show their support, meaning all 6 of them were there.

And, they weren’t the only idols in attendance. There was former KARA member Nicole.

Former members of Hello Venus.

Former Teen Top member Byung Hun (formerly L.Joe).

And, MYNAME‘s JunQ.

Although Boyfriend is no longer a group, they’ll always support each other.