Former Entertainment Director Claims Crayon Pop’s Ellin Had A Boyfriend During Broadcasts

What are your thoughts on this scam?

Former Crayon Pop member turned BJ, Ellin, has been called out by a netizen who claims she has scammed him into donating over 1 billion won(~$860,000 USD) on her broadcasts.


Former entertainment director Kim Yong Ho revealed that Ellin had a boyfriend through a show on YouTube.

He stated, “Ellin dated a celebrity that is a close friend of mine. It will be hard for her to deny this. She has been pretending to be lonely on her broadcasts while she is dating a handsome celebrity in real life.”



The Netizen claimed that Ellin played with his emotions to scam him into giving her money. If Kim Yong Ho’s statement stands true, it could play an important factor for the Netizen’s claim.




With this statement, Ellin’s agency responded, “It is true that Ellin dated a male celebrity, but this was three years ago. She started her BJ career a year and a half ago, so she did not have a boyfriend during this time.”

The Netizen and Ellin are preparing to file a lawsuit for defamation.




Previously, Ellin released an official statement revealing her side of the story.



Watch the full video below:

Source: ajunews