Former EXO Members Kris Wu and Tao Are Finally Rekindling Their Friendship

It’s good to see them together again!

Kris Wu and Tao are finally patching things up and rekindling their friendship.

The former EXO members didn’t have the best relationship after Tao openly criticized Kris for leaving the group back in 2014.

A year later, Tao apologized to Kris during his interview after leaving the group himself, but the relationship seemed to be ruined for good. Tao revealed he wasn’t in talking terms with Kris because Kris wasn’t ready to forgive him for the hurtful comments.

However, it seems like they’ve decided to put the past behind them as they were seen together at a New Years Eve Concert. A fan video captured them smiling and hugging during the show.

The two even began following each other on Instagram, and you know that is the true validation of friendship.


Check out the video:

Source: Youtube and Instagram


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