Former F-VE DOLLS Seunghee confirmed to join the lineup of trainees for MBK’s girl group project

Seunghee, former member of now disbanded girl group F-VE DOLLS, has been confirmed for her participation in her agency’s upcoming girl group project.

MBK Entertainment recently confirmed the news on the 19th, revealing she will join other participants including Hee Hyun, Eun Jin, Chae Yeon, Seul Gi, and Dani. Seunghee will be the sixth confirmed participant.

As part of F-VE DOLLS, Seunghee had received a lot of love for not only her singing, but her acting abilities when she played the female lead in one of Davichi‘s music videos. Most recently, she participated in the lasting family single titled “Please Don’t Forget Me,” which featured members from T-ARA, The SeeYa, and SPEED in addition to herself under the name TS.

Source: TV Report