Former FIESTAR member Cheska officially parts ways with LOEN Tree

A former member of girl group FIESTAR has been revealed to have terminated her contract with LOEN.

Having already parted ways from the girl group in March 2014 after spending two years with them, Cheska’s contract with LOEN/Collabodadi** was officially terminated through mutual agreement revealed a LOEN Tree representative to TV Report.

In July 2014, Cheska was revealed to have been in a relationship with GeeksLil Boy, having been together for the last three years (to that date).

FIESTAR made their debut in 2012 as a six-member group with the title track “VISTA.” They recently made a comeback with their mini-album Black Label as a 5-member girl group. Currently, the members are following individual activities with Yezi making an appearance on Mnet‘s Unpretty Rapstar.

** Editor’s Note: LOEN Entertainment began a multi-label system consisting of LOEN Tree and Collabodadi. FIESTAR was put under Collabodadi.

Source: TV Report

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