Former FT Island member Oh Won Bin joins JIHO Entertainment as an actor

Oh Won Bin, former member of FT Island, officially joins JIHO Entertainment, becoming label mates with Go Eun Ah and SS501‘s Park Jung Min.

As reported by the agency on December 1st, “We have successfully made a contract with Oh Won Bin. We will support him as much as possible for his future career path as an actor.”

Although Oh Won Bin made his debut as a member of the boy band FT Island, the idol star soon enough extended his career in 2011 through the musical The Three Musketeers and MBN‘s sitcom series Come, Come, Absolutely Come. Since then, Oh Won Bin has received further professional training in acting during his hiatus.

Oh Won Bin mentioned his thoughts about becoming part of JIHO Entertainment, “To show myself as a genuine actor, I have focused on training and practicing acting. I want to try my best effort and be received as a good actor by the public.”

Meanwhile, prior to his official work as an actor, Oh Won Bin is preparing for his fan meet next year in Japan.

Source: Xports News