Former Girl Group Member “Han” Calls Out Agency CEO For Sexual Harassment

The CEO refused to apologize, and even threatened to kick her out of the group.

A YTN report has revealed that the CEO of an entertainment agency made unspeakable sexual harassment comments towards one of his agency’s girl group members, causing her to quit the group.

A 26 year old former member of a four person girl group, only identified as “Han”, spoke with YTN about the treatment she suffered while at the company. On the afternoon of August 1, while practicing the group’s choreography with her members, the agency CEO made a comment that she felt was shameful. The CEO compared her dancing to having sex.

My hands and feet suddenly started shaking. From where he was watching, he added one more comment, looking straight at me and said ‘do it again’ while smiling.

— “Han”

Due to the comments, “Han” felt sexually shamed, and demanded an apology from the CEO, but did not receive one.

“Han” then took YTN to the group’s dorm where they resided while she was in the group, and revealed that the CEO would interfere with their personal time as well, visiting the dorm in the middle of the night, screaming at the members to open the door for him. She also revealed that the CEO refused to apologize, and even told her to quit being an idol.

CEO: Hey, you *****, This is not your dorm, it’s the company’s! What is your dorm password?

“Han”: What are you saying to me? Are you ******* doing well there , don’t meet your boyfriend, did you say things like this, or did you not? To someone that is like your daughter?

CEO: I did! But does that actually mean anything to you? Oh? I said that as a joke. I guess you can’t be a singer, and I won’t apologize to you.

After thinking about it, “Han” decided to quit the girl group she spent 3 years working with, through blood and tears. Her decision came at a time where the group was even beginning to be able to gain more awareness, with appearance on public broadcasting stations.

What should I do in the future? All I know is acting, dancing, and singing. Honestly, all I know is being on stage. I’m scared, very scared.

— “Han”

A representative for the CEO explained that he did intend to apologize for the joke, but was unable to contact “Han” again, and he did not intend to insult her. On the other hand, “Han” will soon file a complaint with the prosecution against the CEO, and says she is even undergoing psychiatric treatment.

Source: YTN