Former Girl Group Member Shin Minah Rescued After Attempting To Take Her Own Life

She attempted to take her life.

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This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Former girl group member Shin Minah was rescued by police after it was noticed that she was trying to take her own life.

Shin Minah

According to multiple news outlets, a former girl group member, 22-year-old “Shin”, was rescued by police at 12:17 pm on September 9. She was found at Seongsan Bridge in Seoul, attempting to take her own life. The police stated that they received a report that a woman in her 20’s was climbing the railing of Seongsan Bridge, and immediately were dispatched to the scene, rescued her, and handed her over to her guardian.

After being rescued, the girl group member posted on her social media, which revealed her identity. The identity was revealed to be former ILUV member Shin Minah, who has been in the news recently following her reveals of her being mistreated during her time with the group. In a now deleted post, she apologized to her fans for her actions.

I won’t try that again. I’m sorry for worrying you. I’ll never think of anything bad again. Thank you for your support. Thank you so much for rescuing me today. Thank you to my fans who reported it.

— Shin Minah

In addition, she posted on her Instagram a screen capture of an article about her own suicide attempt, begging netizens to stop sending her malicious comments, as it’s too hard for her.

Shin Minah revealed just hours prior to her attempt at her life that she has lost a lot of weight due to the stress and difficulties from the entire ordeal she has gone through, and she went all the way down to 35 kg (77 pounds).

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내 원래 체중은 40-42kg이다 원래도 저체중이였으나 스트레스와 밥을 먹지 못해 네이버 프로필에 기재된 38kg가 되었다 그리고 집에서 휴식을 취하면서 43kg까지 열심히 늘렸다가 다시 너무 힘들어서 35kg로 빠지게 된 후에 병원에서 치료 받으면서 식욕 촉진제를 먹으며 현재 39kg까지 다시 찌운 상태인데 너무 힘들다 열심히 먹고 노력해도 1kg이 느는데 정말 오래 걸렸다 그래서 더 죽어라 노력했다 오늘도 잠을 못자고 너무 힘들고 괴롭다

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My original weight is 40-42 kg. I was originally underweight, but because of stress and not eating, my Naver profile says 38 kg. I got up to 43 kg while resting at home and putting in effort, but things got so difficult that I fell back to 35 kg. Now I am back to 39 kg after being treated at the hospital and taking appetite stimulants. Even if I try hard and eat, it took a long time to gain even 1 kg, so I tried even harder. Today too, I couldn’t sleep, it’s so hard and painful.

— Shin Minah

Source: Mydaily