Former K-Pop Girl Group Member Shocks With Her Unrecognizable Transformation For K-Drama “Narco-Saints”

The sexy scene was worlds away from the K-Pop idol scene!

K-Pop is an industry that continues to evolve and change, and it’s one of the things that makes it so popular. Yet, even with the newest idols shining worldwide, there is still an appreciation for those who paved the way, including first-generation idols.

One group that might not be as well is the girl group Jewelry. The group first debuted in 2001 and had several member combinations until disbanding in 2015.

One of the first combinations of Jewelry | Star Empire
One of the final photoshoots with the members of Jewelry | InStyle

In the most recent lineup, one of the members was Yewon. The idol debuted with the iconic K-Pop group back in 2011, stealing the hearts of fans with her talent, visuals, and charisma.

Yewon | Han Erica/YouTube

Since the group disbanded, Yewon has continued to be in the public eye, sharing her life on social media and carrying on in the industry through K-Dramas, such as What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, and starring in musicals.

Yewon has always updated fans on Instagram | @yeeee_kk/Instagram
| @yeeee_kk/Instagram
| @yeeee_kk/Instagram

Well, it seems Yewon is again gaining attention for a role in a very different kind of K-Drama. One of the newest series that is catching the attention of fans is Narco-Saints.

Narco-Saints is a K-Drama produced by Netflix, which revolves around the capture of a Korean drug lord living in Suriname. The show is based on a true story.

The poster for the K-Drama “Narco-Saints” | Netflix

Yewon was very vocal about her role in K-Drama alongside Jeon Yo Hwan (played by Hwang Jung Min). In an Instagram post, the former idol shows off her script and asks netizens to show it some love.

Yewon with her script | @yeeee_kk/Instagram
| @yeeee_kk/Instagram

Although Yewon’s role isn’t huge, her appearance instantly caught the attention of fans due to her huge transformation. In the scene, Yewon is lying on the bed wearing just red undergarments, and it is all to do with the drug trade.

| Netflix
| Netflix

In the scene, Yewon seems worlds away from the idol that many would recognize her as. It shows that despite the clean-cut image idols have, there will come a time when artists need to step outside the norm to expand their repertoire.

| Netflix 

Even in other scenes, Yewon’s image of her character is completely different from anything she’s done before. With a new cropped hairstyle and darker makeup, it proves just how versatile the former idol is.

| Netflix
| Netflix

Although it might seem shocking to some, the transformation all comes with being an actress. The former idol recently joined ANDMARQ, and with home to some of the best actors and actresses, it seems like Yewon is being allowed to explore new roles and showcase her diversity.

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