This Former Girl Group Member Surprises Fans With Idol Survival Show Appearance

It’s the first time we’ve seen her in nearly four years!

In December 2019, girl group Cherry Bullet announced lineup changes when members Kokoro, Mirae, and Linlin reportedly left the group and terminated their contracts. Since then, the group has continued as a seven-member piece with occasional appearances on a variety of idol survival programs.

Cherry Bullet (2019)

While the former members have maintained private lives away from the spotlight since their departure, with the exception of Mirae’s debut in PIXY as Ella, fans were in for a pleasant surprise with the announcement of two new survival shows and their contestants.

Former Cherry Bullet member Kokoro Kato is currently appearing as a contestant on the show PRODUCE 101 JAPAN THE GIRLS. It’s her first public appearance in four years since their departure, shocking many fans with the news.


Former member Linlin is also set to appear in a Taiwanese survival show titled NEXT GIRLZ, with the group babyMINT. She participated in another survival program in 2022 called Great Dance Crew.

Linlin with babyMINT for NEXT GIRLZ

In 2020, the remaining ex-member as well as former leader, Mirae, debuted in the group, PIXY, under the name Ella. However, she left the group in 2022 for unspecified reasons.

PIXY Ella (formerly Cherry Bullet Mirae)

She currently goes by the name Kyungjoo and is active on her Instagram. She even took to her stories to show support towards Kokoro!

Former Cherry Bullet member Mirae (now Kyungjoo) showing support for Kokoro on Instagram stories | k_j.bbang/Instagram

Best of luck to the girls!

Source: ζœͺδΎ†ε°‘ε₯³ NEXT GIRLZ and k_j.bbang
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