Former 1st Gen K-Pop Idol Reveals He Now Works As A Delivery Man

“I had a hard time last year.”

Former K-Pop idol Kim Hyungjun recently revealed his new lifestyle to the public.

Kim Hyungjun

Kim Hyungjun was a member of boy group Taesaja from 1997 until 2001. Decades later, he is now a courier for the brand Coupang.


He revealed in JTBC‘s Sugarman that his fans should not worry about him because of his change in career. Although it is not a job that earns a significant amount of money, he assured fans that he is happy and “living well.”

I am working as a courier. There are people who worry for me but I’m having fun. It is not a business or a hobby that one does for the money, but I’m just living well.

— Kim Hyungjun

Kim Hyungjun insinuated that the change in his standard of living has to do with falling on hard times as he grew older.

I had a hard time until last year,” he admitted.

But he is not resentful and says being a delivery man has benefited him in numerous ways. For example, he has become a brighter person and he has met many people he respects.

I became brighter after I started working. When I work at dawn, I see others who work hard and they inspire me to do my best.

— Kim Hyungjun

An added bonus is that it has helped him live a more balanced life in terms of finances and his physical and mental health.

It has been very helpful in terms of earning money, losing weight, and being mentally fit.

— Kim Hyungjun

Kim Hyungjun then shared a few pictures of himself on the job, explaining that he doesn’t take pictures often because he is too busy delivering packages.

After seeing his feature on the show, many netizens praised him for being proud of his work and not looking down on manual labor. They found it admirable that he is raising awareness about the dignity of work no matter what career one is in.

Taesaja was a relatively popular group who hit their peak when they released the song “Time” in 1998, winning their first trophy on a music show.

They also received two year-end best rookie awards in SBS Gayo Daejun and Video Album Awards.