Former Idol Opens Up About The Body Enhancements Most Female Idols Wear On Stage

It sucks that girl groups are pressured into this 😞

Since second-generation girl group Blady disbanded in late 2017, former member Tina (now more commonly known as Christine Park) has been gradually opening up about the realities of the K-Pop industry. In a new eye-opening video on her YouTube channel, soobeanie_, Tina delved into the real beauty standards in K-Pop—including body enhancements.

Tina started by explaining that “having a glamorous body or a very voluptuous body” is one of the beauty standards K-Pop idols must abide by. While she did confirm that some female idols will go through surgery to get breast implants or other body modifications, she also said that most of the time, that’s not the case. Instead, female idols have to wear body enhancements on stage.

Tina (Christine Park) now | soobeanie_/YouTube

We would have bra pads or butt pads,” Tina revealed, adding, “It is a must.” Apologizing for breaking the illusion that idols have naturally “perfect” bodies, the former idol explained that every time she and her fellow stars were on stage, they’d wear bra pads or hip pads to “basically enhance our bodies.” Bra pads are inserts that make the breasts appear larger, while hip pads are affixed below the waist to create an hourglass body shape.

Tina in Blady | Star Planet Entertainment

Yeah, it’s pretty depressing.

— Tina

Sadly, being forced to enhance her body on stage did take a toll on Tina’s mental wellbeing. “When I’d come home and take off all the bra pads and the butt pads,” she confessed, “I felt very disgusted with my body and unconfident.”

| soobeanie_/YouTube

Tina went on to say that when you’re in the K-Pop industry, seeing numerous girls with nice bodies compels you to judge yourself and compare yourself to others. This is where the stress comes from, says the former idol, and why agencies get “really hands-on” with body enhancers.

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Source: soobeanie_