Former Idol Cha Ju Hyuk Caught With Drugs After Being Released From Prison For Same Crime

He was arrested on charges of refusal to leave, contempt and repeated offense.

The police have requested a warrant on former idol and current actor Cha Ju Hyuk for taking drugs again after being released from prison for the same crime.


The Seocho Police Station arrested the actor on charges of refusing to leave and contempt. During the investigation, it was discovered that he had been taking drugs once again and he was additionally charged for violation of the Narcotic Control Act.


At 4 am on December 25, a neighbor and the security guard of Cha Ju Hyuk’s apartment reported the actor for making loud noises in his apartment. The dispatched police arrested him for refusing to leave. During the process, he threw excessive insults at the police and was additionally charged with contempt.


During investigations, the police discovered Cha Ju Hyuk’s criminal record on drugs and conducted a test after receiving a signed consent from him. The test results showed positive and the police stated their plans to request an in-depth analysis to the National Forensic Service.

“The drug crime is not the only important issue at hand. Cha has committed a repeated offense and therefore, we applied for an arrest warrant.”

ㅡ Police


Last year, Cha was prosecuted on charges of violation of the Narcotics Control Act and was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months of imprisonment. He was prosecuted for smoking/taking marijuana, ketamine and ecstasy 13 times in Korea and the Netherlands as well as for introducing his acquaintance to a marijuana seller and purchasing marijuana on behalf of his acquaintance from April to August 2016. He was released on December 14 after fulfilling his sentence.

“Cha took and smoked various types of drugs including psychoactive drugs and marijuana. Considering the fact that he committed the offense numerous times, we suspect that he may be addicted. It does seem like he has made an effort to receive treatment. According to the ruling of the Justice Department, we believe it may be better to keep Cha from having access to any drugs for a certain period of time.”

ㅡ Detective in charge (September 2017)


On October 30, 2016 when the investigations were still ongoing, Cha was also suspected of hitting 3 pedestrians while driving under the influence on the roads of Gangnam.


Meanwhile, Cha Ju Hyuk was a member of the idol group Coed School, which was formed in 2010, and debuted under the name “Kangho“. After his sexual assault scandal, he left the group and began a career in acting.

Source: Newsis