Former Idol Charged With Lying About Sexual Assault

The former idol accused her agency CEO of assaulting her.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Prosecutors have charged a former idol for falsely reporting a crime.

Prosecutor’s office | The Korea Herald

On September 15, Money Today reported that a woman (A) in her 20s has been charged without detention.

According to the report, (A) debuted as an idol in the mid-2010s before quitting and becoming a livestreamer. The report states in February, (A) reported to police that her agency CEO had attempted to sexually assault her in the agency’s hallway for several minutes.

Unrelated picture of a hallway for illustrative purposes only | Unsplash

Police reportedly investigated the allegations before finding the agency’s CEO innocent. (A) then appealed the police’s findings, and as per protocol, prosecutors investigated the case.

After investigating CCTV footage and recordings, prosecutors found the CEO innocent of the allegations. Prosecutors then investigated (A) for lying about the allegations and found evidence that the two consensually walked into the office together but that there wasn’t any sexual contact.

Unrelated picture of CCTV for illustrative purposes | Unsplash

According to reports, (A) had alleged that she had pushed the CEO off of her and ran out of the room, but CCTV footage showed (A) simply opening the door and walking out.

It has been since reported that when the CEO recommended that (A) rest a couple of days, fearing she was stressed, (A) thought the CEO was firing her and falsely reported him to the police.

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