Former Idol Reveals The Number One Thing All Popular Idols Have To Be Careful Of

H.O.T‘s Kangta was revealed to have provided some very inspirational feedback for idols on MBC‘s The Guru Show back in 2010.

H.O.T was one of Korea’s most legendary idol groups in the mid to late 90’s, and quite possibly the group that led to SM Entertainment‘s rise in the industry’s idol field. During a recent episode of MBC’s The Guru Show, Kangta appeared as a guest and provided some very important advice for future idols or trainees who were preparing to debut.

He explained he wanted to emphasize the importance of staying humble, even if their group becomes incredibly popular, and used his own experience as an example to support his argument.

As H.O.T became more and more popular over the years, Kangta revealed he peaked in his arrogance during their third album. Artist Shin Seung Hoon had advised him often, and told him to watch out for himself.

“Popularity is a transient thing. Don’t ever think that your popularity will last forever.”

– Shin Seung Hoon

To this, Kangta’s arrogance had gotten the best of him, and he has errantly replied.

“Sunbae, I get what you’re trying to say, but we’re way too popular for that to apply to us.”

– Kangta of H.O.T

Years later, as he reflected on this conversation, Kangta revealed he was disgusted at his actions, and feared that his juniors might also react in this way to their seniors’ advice once they reached a high level of popularity. Therefore, he also explained that his own negligence and immaturity at that time now prevented him from freely advising his junior idols.

He then explained that he realized the truth behind Shin Seung Hoon’s advice after H.O.T disbanded in 2001, stating that he foolishly believed he would still have 20% of H.O.T’s fans.

“I foolishly believed that if H.O.T had one million fans and we disbanded, I would have 200 thousand fans to myself. But after we disbanded, it was a completely different result. I didn’t even have 10% of H.O.T fans. I now know you really have to experience it in order to realize that popularity really is only temporary.”

– Kangta of H.O.T

Source: Dispatch