Former Idol Group Member Arrested For His Role In Large Drug Smuggling Ring

This former idol group member was arrested for facilitating the smuggling of drugs into Korea.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency had been investigating a large drug smuggling ring where suspects were hiding drugs in international mail or travel packets and having them sent to Korea, specifically Gangnam. Underdog‘s Steelo was one of 19 suspects out of a total of 101 who were arrested on April 26.

When questioned by police, Steelo reportedly confirmed the allegations. He said that he was asked to participate in the drug smuggling and willing agreed to do so.

His agency 2able Company had no information on the incident.

“”Both Underdog and Steelo’s contracts have been terminated. The Underdog members have already gone their own ways so we don’t know what is happening right now. We know that Steelo spent around a month in the hospital due to health conditions but we have not heard from him since then.”

— 2able Company

Source: Sports Seoul and Sports Donga