Former Idol Group Member Reveals The Reality Of Being In A Not-So-Popular Girl Group

It felt like constant war.

A video about a former girl group member unveiling the harsh realities of being a part of a not-so-popular idol girl group gained much attention online for her honest thoughts.

| Chan2 Productions

Former girl group LPG member Jiwon appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel 직업의모든것 (Everything about Jobs) and gave her honest opinion about girl groups and her experience being in one.

The host asked what her thoughts were after experiencing being a singer in Korea.

She answered without hesitation, “Girl groups are seriously the worst. Being in a girl group is like being in a war.”

Why does it feel like that?

She revealed that it felt like war because it was always competition. “Girls are a bit more sensitive and they have their own way with things. Imagine putting a group of people that are like this together and having them work together and live together. There is no way that there isn’t going to be a war.”

“There is always the thought of trying to step over everyone else so that I can succeed. It’s things like that that make it a constant war.”

She also revealed that what we see is not everything. “When you see girl groups, it seems like they are all really close. But do you really think that they are genuinely close? Look at what happened with AOA recently. That is the reality.”

She also expressed the hardships of not being able to say anything freely. “It’s hard for me to act freely because if I go against the rules such as dating, news will reach the CEO because someone is going to rat on you. You really have to be careful what you say and I hated that.”

To see more, watch the full interview video below!