Former “I-LAND” Contestant Hanbin Makes First Public Appearance In Months With Potential New Group

These could be Hanbin’s bandmates in the future!

Hanbin, a popular trainee who made a name for himself on the survival show I-LAND, was seen for the first time in public since he made the decision to leave BELIFT LAB and join Yuehua Entertainment.

Hello, this is Hanbin. I believe the announcement made today has caught everyone by surprise. Please know that I gave it plenty of thought before making the decision to pursue my dream elsewhere. I would like to sincerely thank everyone at BELIFT for helping me thus far. And I look forward to your support for my new beginnings at Yuehua! I’ll continue to work hard.

— Hanbin

Fans were starting to get worried, as Hanbin hadn’t posted any updates on his personal Twitter account for more than two months following the announcement. However, their concerns quickly turned into joy when a fan posted a series of photos their friend had taken showing Hanbin hanging out with a few other Yuehua Entertainment trainees, including Hyeongseop and Euiwoong.

My friend spotted Hyeongseop on the streets and sent me this picture. This must be the pre-debut 7-member group at Yuehua T-T I think Hyeongseop, Euiwoong, and Hanbin are all in this group T-T Plus, with the announcement today T-T I THINK THEY MIGHT REALLY DEBUT NOW T-T

— @bongbong_mint on Twitter

Their excitement stems from the possibility that Hanbin as well as the other six boys might be gearing up for a debut in the near future.

This is because on June 8, Yuehua Entertainment filed an application of patent for the phrase “TEMPEST” and the acronym “TPST”, which fans speculate could be the new group’s name.

Yuehua Entertainment’s Patent Application | Korean Intellectual Property Office/Korea Institute of Patent Information

In addition, the company also announced that Hyeongseop and Euiwoong’s “Yuehua Project” fancafe is officially shutting down on August 17, which adds them to the list of potential “TEMPEST” members.

Hyeongseop and Euiwoong | @yhent_korea/Twitter

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