Former JJCC Prince Mak (Now Known As Henry Prince Mak) Released Solo Song “Take It Off”

Brace yourself for his voice and visuals. 😍

On November 4, former JJCC member Prince Mak, now known professionally as Henry Prince Mak, released his single “Take It Off”. He even promoted the song on his personal Instagram page.

The C-Pop song is accompanied by a very sexy video, which Henry Prince Mak encourages fans to watch.

In fact, he says in the comment section of his own video, “The more u watch the more I love you.

If that’s not a good reason to stream “Take It Off”, we don’t know what is. Watch “Take It Off” below but make sure to brace yourself for all of Henry Prince Mak’s stunning visuals and sensual voice.

What do you think of Henry Prince Mak’s new song?