Former JYPE Trainee Minyoung Opens Up About Her Struggles After Failing To Debut With TWICE

After 6 years away from the spotlight, Minyoung has returned!

Former JYP Entertainment trainee and SIXTEEN contestant Minyoung has finally returned after 6 years, and has opened up about the difficult time she had after the survival show.

Back in 2015, Minyoung was a participant in the survival show that created TWICE, called SIXTEEN.

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Noted for her incredible vocal talents, she was a strong contender for a spot in the final debut lineup, but unfortunately failed to make it into TWICE.

Prior to SIXTEEN, Minyoung was also slated to make her debut in a group called 6MIX, which also had TWICE members Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Sana, and another ex-JYP trainee named Lena. Plans for the debut of this group eventually fell through, and the trainees began preparing to appear on SIXTEEN instead.


Following the conclusion of SIXTEEN and the subsequent debut of TWICE, Minyoung mostly stayed out of the spotlight, but has now returned with her very own YouTube channel!

In her first video upload, Minyoung began talking about her 6 years away from the public eye, and revealed what she’s been up to since then!

6 years have passed and I finally came back! 6 years is a period of time I spent as a trainee. I’ve rested as much as the amount of time I spent as a trainee!


In her video, Minyoung shared how much of a difficult time she had after the long time she spent as a trainee with multiple failed debuts. Addressing her state on the show, Minyoung further revealed that even when she appeared on SIXTEEN, she was already burnt out and mentally drained from the number of times her debut plans had fallen through.

After the program, I went through such a hard time, but now that I can smile and talk about it. There were so many chances for me to debut since I was in middle school, but those kept failing and failing, and that kept on repeating until my senior year.

But back then, I was already worn out by so many failed debuts, and it was a time that I couldn’t get myself together. But the company said that they were progressing with the survival program. I forced myself to participate in the program because I had no other choice. So in the program, I always looked depressed, unhappy…All the bad parts of me were shown in the program.

Even now, when I look at myself shown through the program, it makes me feel sad.


Minyoung then revealed that after failing to make it as a member of TWICE, she was on the verge of giving up on music because she was so exhausted from the number of failed efforts on her part. She then decided to take her time to rest and recuperate, and to figure out what her next step was going to be!

After the program ended, I almost gave up on music. I didn’t want to sing, didn’t want to do music anymore. So I stopped doing music for years… But at last, it came back to me again! Since I was in elementary and till my senior year, I always pursued this one certain goal of mine. But they all collapsed all at once, and so my mental collapsed too, so I needed to get myself back together too.

So while resting, I spent my time studying English; I took music lessons, and I tried many different kinds of jobs…and that kind of helped me to get through and overcome [everything].


She then updated fans on what she’s currently doing now, and revealed that eventually, her love for music won out, and she’s decided to pursue it as a hobby along with her main job!

And now, I’ve gotten so much better, and am working at an international school. I’m still doing music as my hobby. So while working, I want to do YouTube and sing; that’s what I’m planning to do!


It’s great to see Minyoung back all healthy and happy, doing what she loves, at her own pace!

You can watch her talk about her experience during and after SIXTEEN here!