Former KARA Member Gyuri Revealed To Be Dating Chaebol 7 Years Younger Than Her

Congratulations to the couple.

Former KARA member Gyuri has been revealed to be dating the oldest grandson of the former President of Dongwon Construction, Song Ja Ho.

The two had met in June 2019 at the Jon Burgerman exhibition at the M Contemporary Art Center in Seoul. Their relationship developed through their mutual love of art.


Song Ja Ho is the oldest grandson of Song Seung Hun, the former President of Dongwon Construction. He is also 24 years old, which means Gyuri is 7 years older than him.

An official from Gyuri’s agency confirmed the news of the two dating.

Park Gyuri, who has always been interested in art, went to the museum during her free time and got to know Song Ja Ho through the Jon Burgerman exhibition.

The two of them, who shared the same interests, became lovers recently, and are continuing to meet each other well with their good feelings towards each other.

— TheCNT Global

Gyuri and Song Ja Ho were spotted enjoying a late-night date in Gangnam and Jamsil following their dinner together in Cheongdam-dong, on September 25.


Park Gyuri was also seen with a cake to celebrate his birthday.

Since KARA’s disbandment, Gyuri has focused on her acting promotions.

Source: The Fact