Former KARA Member Youngji’s Recent Photos Cause Netizens To Worry About Her Health

“What happened to you…?”

Former KARA member Youngji recently shared some photos of herself on her personal Instagram that have been making fans worry about her health.

On July 5, Youngji shared a series of photos of herself celebrating the summer season.

My body is getting healthier. I’m drinking a lot of water.

However in the photos, she could be seen looking much more gaunt, slimmer, and paler than she did during her promotions with KARA, or during her individual promotions following the disbandment of KARA.

Youngji was the tallest member of KARA, but compared to photos of her during her KARA and individual promotions, she has been looking noticeably thinner.

She has been promoting individually for a long time now, transitioning into television hosting positions and thus, is likely not subject to as strict of a diet as an idol.

Contrary to her caption, netizens from around the world don’t think she looks healthy.

  • Youngji… I’m sorry to say this but you don’t look good if you’re too skinny.
  • Please gain some weight unnie… you look prettier gaining more
  • Girl, are you okay? U look tired
  • Didn’t she lose too much weight?
  • Be careful of your health and get prescriptions assistance if needed
  • What happened to you…?
  • Are you okay?
  • Heol, who are you?

However, many others have been sending their support to Youngji, saying no matter what, she still looks pretty.