Former KARA Members Goo Hara And Han Seungyeon Share A Picture From A Cute Get-Together

The members are closer than ever!

Former KARA members Goo Hara And Han Seungyeon‘s friendship is still going strong!

On October 30, Goo Hara shared a picture of the two on Instagram that was taken at a recent get-together, with a sweet and loving caption:

The caption says:

Hwaiting to the both of us! Let’s walk with confidence in this difficult world. Seungyeon unnie, why is your still-youthful face so small? I love you, unnie.


Han Seungyeon debuted as part of the original line-up of KARA in 2007, while Goo Hara joined the group a year later in 2008.

What do you think of their recent interaction?