Former KARA Member Han Seungyeon Gets Super Emotional Over Girls’ Generation’s “Yoo Quiz On The Block” Reunion

It made her wish to reunite with Her members soon.

In a recent interview, former KARA member Han Seungyeon revealed that she had watched Girls’ Generation‘s reunion on Yoo Quiz On The Block and it made her think of her members.

In her interview, Seungyeon admitted she got quite emotional and was moved by Girls’ Generation’s Yoo Quiz On The Block episode. Seungyeon revealed that she and her fellow members have also been trying to have their own reunion as well.

When I saw ‘You Quiz on the Block’ (Girls’ Generation’s episode), I was moved. We’re talking about it (a reunion) too. It didn’t happen, but there are often proposals, so I talk with the members, but there are still parts that we are careful about. It is true.

— Han Seungyeon

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Han Seungyeon then added that after leaving their company DSP Entertainment, working with her members has always been in her mind.

From the moment we left the DSP, we talked about music, performance, and fan meetings. It’s not easy yet. It’s 14th anniversary of my debut, so I’m more motivated to think about it.

— Han Seungyeon

From left: Youngji, Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole (celebrating their 14th anniversary) | @gyuri_88/Instagram

Overall, Seungyeon misses her members and hopes to meet more often. Although she wishes she could see them more often, social distancing makes things difficult. Luckily the girls got to get together before the pandemic for their Gyuri‘s musical as well as supported Seungyeon at her showcase.

We’d love to hang out more often but we can’t because of the COVID-19 social distancing measures. Before the pandemic, we would gather and eat together. Even if we can’t all get together, we’d stay in touch and hang out in smaller groups. Right now, I know Gyuri is doing a musical… and the members came to my showcase.

— Han Seungyeon

Seungyeon ended on a hopeful note and informed fans that they can look forward to a reunion soon!

I mean, we’re all still staying in touch and doing things together. So I feel like it’d be safe for the fans to look forward to a reunion at some point.

— Han Seungyeon

Source: Herald Pop

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