Former KHAN Member Euna Kim Opens Up About The Circumstances Behind The Disbandment Of The Group

She talked about what led to the hiatus and eventual disbandment of the group.

Former KHAN member Euna Kim recently talked about her new life, and also revealed what actually went down with the hiatus and disbandment of the group.

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In May 2021, Euna Kim uploaded a post on Instagram announcing her marriage, and also announced her retirement as an idol. She recently appeared on Grazy Grace‘s Youtube channel, where she talked about her wedding, and also explained why KHAN ended up disbanding.

KHAN debuted as a duo with the debut song “I’m Your Girl?” in 2018. Euna Kim revealed that the song had been written by Black Eyed Pilseung, and after the promotion period for “I’m You Girl” ended, everyone in their agency was excited for a successful comeback song written by them again!

We debuted as KHAN in 2018, and we were supposed to prepare for a comeback right after that. Black Eyed Pilseung wrote our debut song, so we were waiting for a comeback song from them. But I guess the concept that the company was kind of difficult to write a hit song for, so it kept taking longer and longer and longer until our company couldn’t wait any longer and started asking other writers as well. But that also didn’t work out.

So our comeback kept on getting prolonged and prolonged and then it just became an indefinite hiatus.

—Euna Kim

She then revealed that during this hiatus, she could barely make ends meet, and the company forbade her from taking on a part-time job, which added to her struggles. She then shared how she then visited her sister in the US around then, and decided to make the move permanent after a few months.

I didn’t have any money, I wanted to earn money, and I couldn’t make a comeback. They didn’t let me do any part-time jobs because they were like “Oh, our company’s image” and whatnot. And so I was just going through a very, very difficult time. I think around that time, was when my sister contacted me and she invited me to come visit her in the States.

Through my sister’s invitation, when I came here to the States, for the first time in a very long time, I was very happy. And I was just at peace. And so, that’s why I just made up my mind and decided to just leave everything. Because at that time, I didn’t really see a future opportunity for me to make it big and get things going. It just felt really dark, and it looked like the situation will never get better.

I think I was very exhausted after 7 years of just pushing forward. So I think I just kind of called it a close.

—Euna Kim

Even though one door shut, another one opened elsewhere! Euna Kim is starting anew in the US, and even got married in November!


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