Former Korean Soccer Player Sprints After A Hit-And-Run Driver In The Middle Of A Highway

He used his soccer skills to save the day.

Lee Chun Soo, a former South Korean soccer player, saved the day by chasing after and catching a drunk hit-and-run driver.

Lee Chun Soo | Star Today

On July 4, Lee Chun Soo was on his way home on the stagnant Olympic Highway after filming when he witnessed a taxi driver yelling for someone to catch a drunk hit-and-run driver. It turned out that the driver collided with the taxi, then abandoned his vehicle and ran away.

Upon hearing this, Lee Chun Soo immediately got out of his vehicle and chased the criminal on the highway along with his manager, who also used to be a soccer player. Both being former athletes, the two sprinted and caught up with the criminal. They reportedly sprinted about 1 kilometer along the Olympic Highway amid rain to catch the criminal. Lee Chun Soo handed over the drunk driver to the police, who were dispatched after the taxi driver called them. The police allegedly recognized the soccer star and thanked him for what he did.

| Joongang

In a telephone interview with The Joongang, Lee Chun Soo said that he did what he had to and that anyone would have done the same.

I did what I had to do. Anyone would have done the same in this situation… I didn’t think anyone would know but I’m embarrassed it’s being told as if I did done something great.

— Lee Chun Soo

Lee Chun Soo at the 2002 FIFA World Cup | Korea Football Association

Lee Chun Soo gained love and attention for playing as a forward for the South Korean national team at the 2002 and 2006 FIFA World Cup games. He has recently been active as a broadcaster through various entertainment shows and communicates with fans through his personal YouTube Channel, Leechunsoo.

Source: Daum and The Joongang