Former K-Pop Idol Bashes Korean Court For Exposing Her Home Address To A Malicious Hate Commenter

She advised against writing down home addresses.

In her recent YouTube video, Crayon Pop‘s Way took her subscribers on an exclusive tour around her new home.

Crayon Pop’s Way. | @baysunny/Instagram

While explaining why she decided to move, Way revealed that she actually had a year of lease left at her previous home.

I actually really liked that house. I was pretty attached to it and I would have been able to live there for another year… but I had to terminate the lease early and rush out of there.

— Way

Way then shared a shocking story of how her previous home address had been exposed to a malicious commenter she had been legally battling for years.

It has been about four years. At first, I didn’t think too much about the commenter. But he started crossing the line. His comments became worse with time. Starting last year and to early this year, it grew out of control… He even said he and I got married.

— Way

Way decided to take the commenter to court when even her closest friends began to sway at some of the rumors. With the help of her agency’s lawyer, she filed lawsuits against the commenter on multiple charges. Thanks to the solid evidence collected across the years of harassment, Way easily won some of the cases.

While the other cases still remain in progress, the South Korean court then sent out a letter outlining the results of the lawsuit to both Way and the malicious commenter. Way said, unfortunately, “The letter ended up containing the addresses of both parties involved.

And I asked the court if the same letter went to the commenter… and they confirmed that it did.

— Way

Way decided the risk of staying at the exposed location is too great — and that the stress from the fear that he might visit is simply not manageable. As she ended up “being half-forced to relocate“, she also had to pay a hefty fee for the lease termination, the house hunt, and the move.

Way criticized the Korean court for being completely insensitive and irresponsible about the protection of private information — especially when its leak can lead to more problems between the parties involved.

She also urged her subscribers to be mindful of where they leave their addresses.

I will never understand how or why the court can share personal information like that… Don’t write your address down only because they ask you to write it down. It’s your information and you have to protect it.

— Way

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