Agency CEO’s Reaction To His Artists Being Sexually Harassed Emphasizes The Harsh Reality Of The K-Pop Industry

Former K-Pop idol Dayul shared her experiences.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

When netizens think of the K-Pop industry and what it’s like to be an idol, many see it through rose-tinted glasses. More and more idols industry have shared that the reality can be much harsher. It is especially true for those who had to suffer through hardships in a much smaller company.

One former idol who has always been vocal about her industry struggles is Dayul, a former member of the K-Pop group Baby Boo.

Former K-Pop idol Dayul | @_bi_nio5o9/ Instagram

The idol has been vocal about her struggles as an idol under Hyunda Company. In particular, the idol recently joined YouTuber Grazy Grace to speak about all the hardships when Dayul was an idol but also the legal complications that surrounded the group following their unofficial disbandment.

In particular, Dayul was extremely honest about some of the more difficult aspects of being an idol and the lack of support from her company during this time.

In particular, Grace shared that it was known to netizens that after events, the group would have dinner with business members and event organizers. However, she also shared information Dayul revealed in a past interview that when these meetings happened or the group met up with people for photos, they would be touched inappropriately.

When asked whether the CEO would do anything about it, Dayul was very honest and explained how the group felt when it happened.

It definitely wasn’t comfortable. There were many times when people crossed the line with us.

— Dayul

However, she then shared that although the members had told the CEO about everything that happened, he had tried to make excuses for those who had been inappropriate.

We told our CEO that so-and-so kept on touching us uncomfortably, but he just told us, ‘Because you guys are like daughters.’

— Dayul

As expected, Dayul explained that the members had thought the CEO was meant to protect them. As he had this view of what was happening to them, there wasn’t much they could do about it.

Technically those ‘business’ people were giving us a chance to perform. They were considered ‘higher up’ people. So our CEO couldn’t really stand to tell them. He wanted us to understand the position we were in.

— Dayul

Grace rightly asked if there were ever times the group could refuse to have dinners with them.

Dayul shared that they couldn’t refuse as the meetings were usually held after the group had performed. In particular, due to the lack of funds and care the company had for the group, this was their only chance to have a proper meal, and those business people would be the means of the group getting home.

Although Dayul seemed quite calm in the interview, her reactions were completely different when she first exposed what had happened last month.

Dayul broke down, explaining that they were touched inappropriately and kissed but were made to carry on because the CEO said, “Don’t push away their hands because they’re the people who can get you to come to other events.”

| 근황올림픽/ YouTube

For someone like Dayul, who wanted to live her dream to become an idol, the reality unsurprisingly impacted her. The video has once again showcased that there are dark sides to K-Pop, especially when it comes to CEOs and those around idols exploiting people’s dreams.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Grazy Grace

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