Former K-Pop Idol Dishes On Who Really Pays For Idols To Get Plastic Surgery, And The Reasons Why

She also spilled some more TMI on the work done!

In K-Pop, there is always strict and immense pressure for idols to look perfect. There are expectations before they even debut, whether it is first thing in the morning, after a long schedule, or during rehearsals. With this, it is common knowledge that many get plastic surgery and, although some have been less open about it, others have been honest about the work they’ve done.

Although not mentioned, Kwanghee has been honest about having work done | @prince_kwanghee/ Instagram

Former Blady member Tina (now more commonly known as Soobin or Christine Park) took to the DKDKTV YouTube channel to discuss some of the most important questions fans have about K-Pop. One of the questions looked at the topic of plastic surgery and, in particular, who pays for it.

Tina revealed that although it wasn’t the same for everyone, a lot of the time it was done through the company because many got discounts at certain plastic surgery places.

Most of the time, for K-Pop idols, the agencies will get a discount from the plastic surgeons, especially the place will take pictures as a form of marketing.

— Tina

She also added that if you go to many plastic surgeries, you can see pictures of idols who have had work done there. Although they don’t specify where the work was done, it still helps business. With this in mind, the agencies get discounts to persuade them to use the surgery, which would help them with advertising.

It means that, despite controversies, the agency is the main source of income to pay for these procedures, especially if they think it will impact the idol’s careers.

Yet, sometimes idols might want to get surgery on their own accord, and it might be something as simple as getting braces, but they will still need to consult with their agency about it. Even after it had been agreed, Tina added that the agency might choose not to pay.

If they are like, ‘No, we’re not going to be funding it, then the idols will be getting it themselves.

— Tina

More commonly, it is down to the agencies to pay for these procedures and, although it might be expensive, it is minor compared to the rest of the debts trainees rack up before debuting and even the lack of payment many get after releasing music.

Tina also gave some TMI to fans, adding that most idols will go to plastic surgeons before comebacks.

Most K-Pop idols go to plastic surgery places before comebacks, and they will get things tweaked. It’s not that they get it done once, and it’s done. They constantly go and get a lifting or change their nose slightly.

— Tina

Of course, for many fans, K-Pop idols look amazing the way they are and don’t need all of these modifications. Yet, if it makes them feel more confident and comfortable, then they shouldn’t be looked down on! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: DKDKTV