Former K-Pop Trainees Reveal The Harsh Effects That Strict Diets Have On Trainees

They also revealed the ideal weight to have.

It’s common knowledge in the K-Pop industry that trainees are usually put under strict diets by their companies. Oftentimes, these diets are so harsh that they end up suffering physically and mentally.

Former K-Pop trainees Bin Ha Neul and Choi Ye Jin recently guested on an AYO “Comment Defenders” video to clarify misconceptions about trainee life.

One topic they tackled is the extreme diets that trainees are forced to undergo.

I’m watching forbidden food for trainees. It’s so funny that they put it in their pocket.

— AYO comment

Bin Ha Neul revealed that this is actually a common practice among trainees, and Choi Ye Jin quipped that getting caught while eating also happens a lot.

With 8-years trainee experience under her belt, Bin Ha Neul shared her most extreme experience with dieting.

One time I went to a stationery store and bought thick rope then tied it to a backpack. I’d lower it to the first floor, get tteokbokki in it, then pull it up and eat it.

— Bin Ha Neul

Choi Ye Jin, on the other hand, had an unfortunate dieting experience to share.

They did the weigh in right after. My weight suddenly shot up so I had to run nine laps around the company.

— Choi Ye Jin

When on the topic of the ideal weight that trainees aspire to reach, Choi Ye Jin shared what she heard from others. “I heard the goal weight in kilograms is ‘Your Height – 120cm’“.

But why enforce such strict methods on trainees? Bin Ha Neul believes it’s because of how it makes them look on television. “I think you look pretty on TV when you’re really skinny“.

She ended by revealing how diets change before and after a trainee debuts.

They strictly control your weight before you debut since it won’t be good if you gain weight, but after debut they let idols eat because they already have tight schedules.

— Bin Ha Neul

You can watch the entire video below:

Source: AYO 에이요