Former K-Pop Trainees Reveal The One Very Expensive Mistake That Trainees Should Absolutely Avoid

The repercussions are heavy.

Former K-Pop trainees Bin Ha Neul and Choi Ye Jin recently guested on an AYO “Comment Defenders” video to clarify misconceptions about trainee life.

One of the first questions they were asked is if it’s possible to pass an audition at another company even if you have an ongoing contract with another company.

Other than trainees leaving the company because the contract is over, what happens if you pass the audition at another company? Do you have to pay a penalty?

— AYO question

Alarmed, the two immediately said that such an action is a breach of contract.

According to Choi Ye Jin, trainees aren’t allowed to audition for another company while their current contract is still legally binding.

If you audition for another company when you already have a company, it’s a breach of contract. A trainee contract can be between one year and three years. It depends on the company.

— Choi Ye Jin

On the topic of penalties, Bin Ha Nuel explained when it is okay to not pay them.

If the company tells you to leave because the contract is finished, you don’t have to pay for penalties.

— Bin Ha Neul

When it’s the trainee’s decision to leave, however, they must pay for everything.

I have seen a lot of trainees who had to pay for everything after saying ‘I’ll just leave‘.

— Bin Ha Neul

She also shared the one occasion when a trainee doesn’t have to pay the penalty out of their own pocket.

Let’s say the company I newly auditioned for is much bigger than the one I’m in now, then this company may pay the breach of contract for me because they like me so much.

— Bin Ha Neul

Unfortunately, that case rarely happens and most trainees have to bear the brunt of their decision to leave.

But the question is obviously a breach of contract, so go for it if you don’t want to work in this field again.

— Bin Ha Neul

You can watch the full video below:

Source: AYO 에이요