Former K-Pop Trainees Reveal Why You Shouldn’t Become A Trainee To Date Your Favorite Idol

They were offended by the comment.

Former K-Pop trainees Bin Ha Neul and Choi Ye Jin recently guested on an AYO “Comment Defenders” video to clarify misconceptions about trainee life.

A comment that was raised in the video mentioned becoming a trainee in order to date one’s bias.

I’m gonna be a trainee no matter what and date my idol. My heart flutters just thinking about eating together and cheering each other up.

— AYO comment

After reading the comment, Bin Ha Neul and Choi Ye Jin were understandably upset.

Choi Ye Jin adamantly stated that it’s wrong to dream of becoming an idol with that goal in mind.

If you wanna be an idol for that purpose, that’s not right.

Nodding in agreement, Bin Ha Neul gave her own two cents on the matter.

This is such a dangerous idea, and it upsets trainees who have been training for a long time and are desperate to debut.

Choi Ye Jin ended by asking that people not belittle their dreams.

 Don’t take a trainee’s dream lightly!

You can watch the full video below:

Source: AYO 에이요